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3 Ways to get an ECO-Friendly Quote

We at Metro Skylite are concerned about our environment and we do our part to protect it. You can help too. There are three eco-friendly ways to receive a quote from us on repairing your skylight.

A written assessment of the roof upon which the skylight sits is also provided. Any possible trouble areas in the vicinity of the skylight are addressed when the work is being done on the skylight so that there is no confusion with warranty issues.

1. Email Photos and Info

Take photos of the skylight (both inside and outside photos if possible) and email them to us. We will respond to your email with a relatively accurate estimate of what it will cost to solve the problem.

Skylights are all we do and simple pictures can usually provide enough information to reasonably assess the situation. With the help of Google Earth photos and Google Street we can get a good idea of accessibility and roof layout. If our price is within your budget we will come and check it out for you when we are in your part of town.

If it is not, we will have helped the environment by not burning fuel to check out a job that we had no chance of getting. This approach also serves to cut down on road congestion. There is no charge for this service.

2. Unscheduled Visit

If you are unable to send photos then send us an email with your address and tel. # giving us permission to go up on your roof, whether you are home or not, and check out the skylight when we are in your area.

We have technicians all over the city so it usually only takes two to three days to get the quote to you. We will always call first and knock on the door before going up on the roof. An information package on our company will be left in your mail box and an email will be sent to you with an assessment and a quotation. There is no charge for this service.

3. Book Consultation

Call us to set up an appointment. We will come at a scheduled time and inspect the skylight. We will provide you with digital photos of the skylight, a detailed assessment of the problem and a written description of required work.

The assessment will include all measurements, a materials list and access details required to carry out a permanent solution to the problem. This information can then be emailed to other companies in the business to obtain comparative quotes.

By using this system, (instead of having 3-4 trucks visit your home), you are reducing both road congestion and pollution. There is a charge of $250 for this service that is deductible from the end price of the work should you decide to proceed with our quoted solution.