Leaking Skylights

Our approach to repairing leaking skylights is to provide a permanent solution to the problem. Extensive experience in all types of roofing applications and access to replacement parts provides us with the means to offer the customer a maintenance-free waterproofing system that will not leak — ever.

No caulk or sealants are used. We will even repair that unsightly plaster damage on the light shaft or ceilings.

Our team is fully experienced in all types of roofing materials which include slate, cedar, all types of flat roof membranes, as well as metal and clay tile roofs.



Causes for problematic leaky skylights in the order they occur most frequently:

  • flashing system absent or not properly integrated with the roofing materials.
  • the existing skylight is not designed to be installed on the present slope.
  • inadequate or absent condensation gutters and weeping ports.
  • the absence of a proper underlay to protect against leakage in the winter months when ice damming occurs.
  • manufacturing defects. (These problems usually show up shortly after installation and are 100 % covered by reputable manufacturers.)
skylight 456

Typical Skylight Replacement in a Sloping Roof with Asphalt Shingles

skylight 453

1. Removal of the shingles from around the existing
acrylic dome style skylight

skylight 452

2. Removal of the rotten roof board and wet insulation

3. Notice the damage to the roof sheathing caused
by water leaks

4. The roof board and insulation has been replaced
and the new skylight is fastened in place

skylight 449

5. Ice and water shield is installed on and around
the skylight frame

skylight 448

6. The new skylight complete with aluminium flashing
interwoven with new asphalt shingles to match the
existing ones